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Career Counseling March 30, 2006

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About two months ago I decided to look into career testing and counseling to find out what I should be doing with my life.  I looked on-line to find someone in my area and made an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION.  This turned out to be a pitch session about the program and the testing and the counselor guy telling me about his rates.  Anyway, I opted to go ahead with the whole thing because I had kind of hit a brick wall when it can to what to do… I could decide to if or what I would go back to school for and I didn't want to work on my resume… I was basically lazily procrastinating my life away.

Career Testing and Counseling is more testing and listening to a guy drone on about other people than really talking about yourself.  I think in the four session I have had I have talked about 10 minutes total and that is not including the verbal answers to the IQ test I was given. 

TESTING:  I was given a whole bunch of test to determine my personality, my job preferences, my IQ, my job personality , my job IQ, my personality IQ, my height, my hair color… well you get the picture.  Most of thest tests were take home the only one that wasn't was the IQ test, I had to take that one in his office with his water feature running and making me want to go to the bathroom the whole time 🙂

SESSION I:  Test result time… did I pass?  Oh who the heck knows.  He spent an entire two hours discussing IQ scores and their meaning… I have an ed psych degree I think I am well aware of this and he has my IQ in front of him!!!  Yet he still found a need to go through his "let's explain the IQ" routine. 

SESSION II:  Personality test results…  when he could have gone over all the test result in the first session and then used the rest of the sessions for useful "what should I do with my life" searching he chose to stick to the formula and go as slow as humanly possible and reveal one test at a time.  During the personality portion of our time together I learned that I am ENTP.  This translates to mean that I am an extrovert that tends to focus on the future (with a view toward patterns and the possible).  I tend to base my decisions on logic and I prefer a flexible spontaneous approach to life and tend to keep my options open.  However, another of his tests revealed that instead of being logical about things I tended base my decisions on feelings and values (this perplexed him)  At this point instead of delving deeper for a minute of so he just soldiered on with his test results and stories.  I could have given him a reason for the difference fairly quickly if he had just cared to ask.  But, he didn't seem to care at all.  

SESSION III:  Job test results… what jobs am I suited best for.  According to all the tests I am suited best for artistic/ creative jobs.  Fortunately, those are the jobs I was already interested in doing… unfortunately those are the jobs that are difficult to obtain, underpaid, and not very good for a procrastinator like me.  He was surprised when he was reviewing the results on one of his precious tests and is showed that I did not show high in the qualification area of creative jobs… well i felt I had to point out that his test was flawed (there were no musical tasks listed in the job qualifications… his face dropped). 

HOMEWORK:  I had to write down all of the jobsthat I would be intersteed in doing… qualifications had nothing to do with this list, just interest… then I had to put those jobs into three categories 1. most fun, 2. moderately fun, 3. least fun.  I had to have this list ready by session four.

SESSION IV:  Reviewing Job List…  With all of the test results out of the way we could finally get down to the nitty gritty of the career counseling, right?  Wrong!  What we did in this session was… he looked at my list of jobs I was interested in, put the jobs into categories of creative writing, design, design, helping, and business.  While he did this I was told to look through some books he had that had jobs listed and talked about them in different ways (money, progress, education regs. etc.)  After he wrote his little list I was told go home and research each of the jobs and then give him a call to make an appointment for our last session when I was done.  For my research I am supposed to look-up job descriptions and outlooks and meet with people in the field.

THE FUTURE:  I am not altogether thrilled with this whole process… but at least It has gotten me out of my rut.  Because of this career thing I have met with people and gotten ideas for the future.  1.  I am working on this blog… which will hopefully help other career challenged people.  2.  I joined a writers a group… which will get me to write more.  3.  I am out meeting new people… which is always good 🙂

So for now I wish you luck… till we meet again! 



1. Andrew - November 13, 2006

I stumbled into your blog after googling “I am ENTP” and attempting to see what other ENTP’s are up to. I’m sick of my current hum-drum existence and trying to find a bit of purpose in life. I feel like the gear is in neutral and I’m slowly rolling down the hill of life. I want to step it up a gear, do a u -turn and climb that mountain!
Anyways, I’d be keen to hear how it’s all going?? 🙂


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